Google Search Techniques (Top 10)

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Google Search Techniques, Google Search also referred to as Google Web Search engine. It developed by Google LLC. It is the most used search engine on the World. It launched by September 15, 1997. It is available in 149 languages. It is written in Python, C, C++. It handles 3.5+ billion searches per day.

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  • @ – For search Social media (ex – @facebook, @twitter)
CtechF - Google tricks "@"
  • Put # in front of a Word (ex – #ctechf)
CtechF - Google tricks "#"
  • Put OR between each search query (ex – Canon OR Nikon)
CtechF - Google tricks "OR"
  • – (minus) – For exclude a word (ex – apple fruit -red
CtechF - Google tricks "-"
  • “” – Search for an exact match
CtechF - Google tricks ""
  • * – use an asterisk to find the word we can’t remember.
CtechF - Google tricks "*"
  • site: – Search specific website (ex –
CtechF - Google tricks "site:"
  • related: – Find webpages related to specific web URL or word
CtechF - Google tricks "related:"
  • cache: – Show the cached content (ex –
  • define: – See a definition of a word (ex – define:technology)
CtechF - Google tricks "define"

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