How to be a Programmer | Part 2 : Top 20 Programming Languages

CtechF - How to be a Programmer | Part 2 : Top 20 Programming Languages

Top 20 Programming Languages 2018/2017 according to IEEE Spectrum – How to be a Programmer (Part 2)

We have Thousands of programming languages. But there are some languages that force the programmers to reach them again and again If you’re new in the programming field. You have a lot of questions, but the first question comes to your mind is “What programming language should I choose to learn?” or “what is the easiest language to learn”. This is a world Top 20 programming languages.

Top 20 Programming Languages

2019 Name W M P E Spectrum Ranking - 2018 Spectrum Ranking - 2017 2017
1 Python Y Y Y 100 100 1
2 C++ Y Y Y 99.7 97.4 4
3 Java Y Y Y 97.5 99.4 3
4 C Y Y Y 96.5 99.7 2
5 C# Y Y Y 89.4 88.8 6
6 PHP Y 82.9 82.3 8
7 R Y 82.9 88.8 5
8 JavaScript Y Y 82.6 86.2 7
9 Go Y Y Y 76.4 77.2 9
10 Assembly Y 74.1 73.4 13
11 Matlab Y 72.8 70.4 14
12 Scala Y Y 72.1 70.0 15
13 Ruby Y Y Y 71.4 73.9 12
14 HTML Y Y 71.2 68.0 17
15 Arduino Y 69.0 74.4 11
16 Shell Y 66.1 68.6 16
17 Perl Y Y 57.4 59.1 18
18 Swift Y Y 53.9 76.5 10
19 Processing Y Y 53.1 52.7 24
20 Objective C Y Y 50.5 48.4 26
  • W – Language used for developing web sites (Web)
  • M – Language used for Mobile apps (Mobile)
  • P – Language used for enterprise or PC applications (Enterprise)
  • E – Language used to program devices (Embedded)

1) Python

Python is a scripting language and that is used for creating engineering-analysis tools and animation software.

Hello World in Python:

print (“Hello World!”)

2) C++

C++ is a high-level object-oriented computer programming language designed by Bjarne Stroustrup. It mainly used for system programming.

Hello World in C++:

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main()
        cout << “Hello World!”;
	return 0;

3) Java

Java is an open-source programming language. It developed by Oracle and 3 billion device runs in java. It’s easy to learn and easy to program. It used for mobile application, desktop applicant, games and more. Java works on a different platform such as Windows. Linux, Raspberry-Pi, etc.

Hello World in Java:

Hello World in Java:
public class helloworld
	Public static void main (String[] args)
		System.out.println(“Hello World!)”;

4) C

C is similar to C++. C used for developing games, operating systems, etc.

Hello World in C:

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
	printf(“Hello World”);
	return 0;

5) C#

We call it C Sharp. C# developed by Microsoft. It used to create a game with unity.

using System;
namespace HelloWorld
    	class Hello 
       		static void Main() 
            		Console.WriteLine("Hello World!");

6) PHP

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is an open-source scripting language. It is compatible with Apache, IIS servers and many more and it’s running on many platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac Os, etc.

Hello World in PHP:

<?php echo “Hello World!”; ?>

7) R

Designed for programming statistical analysis to support dynamic websites.

Hello World in R:

hello <- "Hello World!"
print (hello)

8) JavaScript

JavaScript is a client-side scripting language and is used for developing websites.

Hello World in JavaScript:

// This is a comment
console.log(“Hello World!”); // Console Output
alert(“Hello World!”); // alert

9) Go

Go is an open source programming language it uses to make programmers more productive. it designed by Google.

Hello World in Go:

package main
import “fmt”	
func main() {
	fmt.Printf(“Hello World!”)

10) Assembly

An assembly is a low-level, 2nd generation programming language.

Hello World in Assembly:

  (Please put it in the comment section.)

11) Matlab

Matlab is a scripting language designed for Math Works. Such as engineering or scientific simulations.

Hello World in Matlab:

Disp(‘Hello world!’);

12) Scala

Scala is a general-purpose, object-oriented and functional programming language It is a High-Level programming language.

Hello World in Scala:

Object Hello {
	def main(args: Array[String]) : Unit = {
		println(“Hello World!”)

13) Ruby

Ruby is an open-source script language. It designed by Yukihiro Matsumoto. It used for developing web applications.

Hello World in Ruby:

puts ‘Hello Wolrd!’

14) HTML

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is developed by W3C and WHATWG. An HTML document which can be displayed through a web browser is called a web page. HTML is not a computer language it’s a markup language.

Hello World in HTML:

		<title>Wen Site Title</title>
		<p> Hello World! </p> <!-- Paragraph text -->

15) Arduino

Arduino is an open-source platform. Arduino programming language is similar to C and C++.

Hello World in Arduino:

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16) Shell

Hello World in Shell:

#! /bin/sh
echo Hello World!

17) Perl

Perl is a generic purpose, dynamic programming language.

Hello World in Perl:

#!/usr/bin/env perl
use strict;
use warnings;

print “hello world”;

18) Swift

Swift was a general-purpose, multi-paradigm language developed by Apple Inc. It is Powerful programming language for iOS, macOS and other Apple products.

Hello World in Swift:

Print (“Hello World!”)

19) Processing

Processing is an open source graphical library. It was originally created for the use by visual designers and creators who are not acquainted with computer programming

Hello World in Processing:

println(“Hello world!”)

20) Objective C

Object-C is a general-purpose Object-oriented programming language. It designed by Brad Cox.

Hello World in Objective C:

#import <stdio.h>
int main() {
	printf(“Hello World”);
	return 0;

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