Write for CtechF!

Thank you for your interest in submitting a guest post to “ctechf” blog. If you read our blog then you know what to write?

Requirements for Guest Post?

  • A Post Must Be at least 1000+ words and unique (not copy-pasted)
  • In terms of content, I am looking for technology infrastructure based articles.
  • This can be Tips, How-to articles, Troubleshooting, Programming tutorial, Application review, Website review, Youtube video discussion, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and etc…
  • Use images and video clip on your post.
  • I only accept family-friendly guest posts (no gambling, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sex posts).
  • All guest posts will be identified as Sponsored Posts“.
  • If you see a post on the website with the same topic or category of your post. it will be fine. In doubt, please contact me before the request.

You can link the article back to your own blog, Youtube channel, LinkedIn / Facebook page

How to Submit Article

  • Send your article or article ideas to us via email to admin@ctechf.com  with the subject “Guest Post.”
  • Attach your article in plain text format as a Word document or PDF.
  • Include images separately with your email.

Normally, I respond within 24 hours.
If your article meets the requirement above it will be published on CtechF blog.